As the Bitcoin business is blooming day by day and generous amount of people are joining the Bitcoin network, many of them are searching for some easy yet cool ways to fill their Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoins are not something that can be earned effortlessly. You have to make some effective efforts and pay dedication to earning when it comes to Bitcoin network. But all those efforts will be worth it once you get a handful of Bitcoins.
Bitcoin earning, in general, require following few things:
Your time
Your knowledge
Computer processing power you have
If you have any of these mentioned above, Bitcoins are ready to be your life making partner.
For this sake we have gathered some great ways related to Bitcoin earning below, for your better understanding and starting your Bitcoin journey quick. Few of the options discussed below require minimal efforts to earn; all you need is consistency and time. On the other hand, few options involve some serious knowledge and skills about the Bitcoin market and industry. It is totally up to you what level of expertise you have to earn Bitcoin. You are free to select any option as per your desire.

Following is the list for to 20 cryptocurrency earning ways among which few will be discussed further:
PTC Websites
Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Trading
Micro Jobs
Bitcoin Writing
Bitcoin Blogs and Sites
Bitcoin Related Services Provider
Bitcoin Lending
Day trading
Trading Bots
Binary Options
Affiliate Marketing
Bitcoin Faucets
Signature Campaigns
Bitcoin Forks
Bitcoin Coin Doubler

CryptoTrader is a cloud-based trading bot
It offers the users with fully automated solutions related to trading
It does not require to be installed in your system
It features a strategies market place allowing users to buy their favorite trading strategy
It also allows users to sell strategies that they crafted

Another popular trading bot
It works with a number of exchanges like Bittrex, BitFinex, Binance, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Poloniex, GDAX, Cryptopia, Huobi and YOBIT.
This bot works 24 hours all 7 days with any device, as it is web-based service
You can monitor your trading dashboard on your cell phone, laptop, desktop, etc
It helps it users by allowing them to set up stop-loss and take-profit targets

It is the most easiest method to earn Bitcoin
Along with being easy, it is the most time consuming also
This earning can be done through Micro earning sites
Micro earning sites will pay you in terms of Bitcoins for carrying out small tasks

PTC stands for paid-to-click websites
PTC websites pay their users in Bitcoins for clicking and visiting certain sites or ads
AdsBTC is the most popular PTC website right now
AdsBTC offer users to watch ads that are 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or further long and pay according to the time span

Bitcoin mining is a process in which miners bring Bitcoins to the surface
New coins are created through mining process
Bitcoin mining is carried out with the help of different computer programs depending upon power of user’s computer
It was one of the simplest earning ways previously and pioneer miners were able to mine thousands of Bitcoins with least effort
Now days, mining Bitcoin is not as easy as it used to be. It requires years of effort for some major profit
Bitcoin mining needs more processing power now
Keep in mind that huge cost for electricity has to be paid if you are into mining. It is estimated that one day power requirement for mining process is equal to the whole Morocco city power requirement
For the above reason, Bitcoin mining is now shifted to major companies which locates themselves in areas with lowest power charges
Currently, China is the largest country in Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin trading is a way with huge potential of making Bitcoin money
It requires a high level of knowledge and expertise related to Bitcoin market and industry
Bitcoin market is a very risky and volatile one, so trading isn’t one fix for all
CoinBase and CEX are the websites that allows there users to buy cryptocurrency with the help of credit card or a debit card along with bank transfer
The purchased Bitcoins can then be transferred to any exchange of your wish

Micro jobs refer to small tasks that rewards you in terms of Bitcoins
Coinworker is the site which offers these mini tasks
Tasks may involve simple plug-in testing, retweeting a post, etc

If you are well-acknowledged about Bitcoins, well-known to cryptocurrency network and willing to share all the authentic knowledge with the right audience then Bitcoin writing is great option
The amount to be earned by writing may vary but can be a good one if you are an expert writer

If you are someone with any expertise in the Bitcoin niche, whether its technical, marketing, virtual or anything, you have scope to offer that to any Bitcoin company
Bitcoin companies are usually newbie and looking for any talent that fits in their any department
For this reason you have good opportunity to dive in the Bitcoin pool and held any corner of your expertise

Bitcoin lending is also one of the potential way to earn Bitcoins
Bitcoin lending is done through some intermediary website like Bitbond
In Bitcoin lending, you act like the bank and lend Bitcoins to someone on a certain level of interest
The level of interests in Bitcoin lendings are generally higher than the local banking systems

This is one of the most over looked way to earn Bitcoin
You can earn Bitcoin by promoting various affiliate programs
You simply get the commission for bringing the client up in terms of Bitcoins
You can share the affiliate links on social media, by creating website, etc

A Bitcoin faucet is another type of website that offers very small amounts of Bitcoin to users
It works with the owners by letting them make money by placing ads on their websites
These owners then pay individuals who visit the websites and ads
Bitcoin faucets let visitors earn a percentage of the Bitcoin that they give to any visitors that you have brought in
This is similar to PTC websites in a way that Bitcoin faucets are not a realistic way to earn good Bitcoin money
Even if you apply the best faucet rotator, still you will be able to make no more than 1-2$/ day

They are called so because you have only two options to choose between, to win or to lose
It is a type of trade strategy which offers the user to predict whether the Bitcoin rate will rise or fall in a given time period
If the prediction comes true, you get paid according to the agreement
If the prediction within the certain time does not come true, you simply lose the investment you made